South Africa: Pupils Boycott School, Demanding Justice for Murdered Learner


[Scrolla] Learners across Gauteng have vowed not to step foot in school until the three men charged with the murder of learner Shaun Mphela are denied bail.

South Africa: Flood Victims Still Living in Hall Seven Years Later


[Scrolla] For over seven years, at least 30 people who were displaced during the 2016 floods in Durban have been stuck in a flea-ridden community hall in Isipingo, south of Durban.

Malawi High Court reinstates anti-corruption chief


Malawi's high court has lifted a recent government's suspension of the head of the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) Martha Chizuma, a move that could see here return to work sooner than expected.

South Africa: Teacher in Custody After Murder of Car Guards


[Scrolla] Four car guards suspected of stealing headlights outside a pub were kidnapped, stuffed in the boot of cars and taken to the veld where they were tortured by five men.

Mama Money and TNM partner for money transfers to Malawi 


The partnership allows for affordable money transfers from South Africa using the Mama Money app to TNM Mpamba accounts in Malawi 

Lack of jobs, the main driver of violent extremism in sub-Saharan Africa: UNDP


New York, USA, 07 February 2023-/African Media Agency(AMA)/A lack of job opportunities is the leading factor driving people to join fast-growing violent

Abstaining in absentia: does SADC have a common position on Ukraine?

This Is Africa  

Some Southern African states show that you can vote against Russian aggression and still remain non-aligned.

Cameroon: Cameroonian Police Arrest Businessman Investigated by Murdered Journalist Martinez Zogo


[CPJ] Dakar -- In response to news reports that Cameroonian police on Monday arrested Jean-Pierre Amougou Belinga and two of his associates in connection to the investigation into the murder of journalist Martinez Zogo, the Committee to Protect Journalists issued the following statement reiterating demands for a transparent investigation:

Sudan: Armed Forces 'Won't Protect a Constitution Signed By 10 Men' - Council Member


[Dabanga] Kadugli / Khartoum -- Member of the Sovereignty Council, Lt Gen Shamseldin Kabbashi, says that the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) will not proceed with the Framework Agreement unless it is signed by a sufficient number of political parties and groups.

Liberia: Govt Seeks Cote d'Ivoire's Support to Address Burkinabe Influx, Maritime Issues


[Observer] -- Holds strategic meeting on Land & Maritime Borders

East Africa: EAC Honours Nyerere With Peace Centre


[Daily News] Arusha -- THE East African Community (EAC) on Monday relaunched the Nyerere Centre for Peace Research, pledging to make it sustainable.

Nigeria: Five Propaganda Strategies Politicians Deploy During Elections


[Premium Times] At the moment, election merchants are at the peak of displaying their propagandistic prowess ahead of the forthcoming general elections.

Nigeria: UK Prosecutors Accuse Nigerian Senator Ekweremadu of Attempting to Buy Kidney for £7,000


[This Day] -Say he asked victim to lie he was cousin to his daughter

South Africa: Energy Minister Outlines Plans to End Power Cuts - South African News Briefs - February 7, 2023



Nigeria: 'Thick Veil of Violence' Around Elections - Human Rights Watch


[VOA] Human Rights Watch said Monday that there is a "thick veil of violence" surrounding elections scheduled to take place in Nigeria later this month.

Africa: Around 4.2 Million Girls At Risk of Female Genital Mutilation - UN Chief


[UN News] Female Genital Mutilation, or FGM, is an "abhorrent violation of fundamental human rights" said the UN Secretary-General on Monday, marking the International Day of Zero Tolerance against the scourge, which remains a threat for a staggering 4.2 million girls this year.

Mali: UN Human Rights Chief Calls On Mali to Reverse 'Regrettable' Expulsion Order


[UN News] The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights on Monday called on Malian authorities to rescind their expulsion order for his top representative in the country.

Africa: The Papal Theory of Underdevelopment


[CFR] Pope Francis' diagnosis of the causes of African underdevelopment is simplistic, condescending, and ahistorical.

South Africa: Link Between Crime and Politics Raises Concerns About Criminal Gangs Taking Over


[The Conversation Africa] A report by the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organised Crime (Gitoc) released in September 2022 argues that South Africa has increasingly become a centre of organised crime, transcending national boundaries.

Nigeria: Outlook for Nigeria's Upstream Oil, Gas Sector Positive for 2023 - Report


[This Day] Abuja -- Nigeria's oil and gas industry experienced historic crises throughout 2022 as the sector struggled with severe crude thefts and pipeline vandalism constraining output, but will do relatively well this year, a new report has said.

Africa: China's Demand for Africa's Donkeys Is Rising. Why It's Time to Control the Trade


[The Conversation Africa] In recent years, there's been a huge, rising demand for donkey hides in China, where they are used to make an ancient health-related product called ejiao. Ejiao is made from collagen that's been extracted from donkey hides mixed with herbs and other ingredients to create medicinal and health consumer products. It's believed to have properties that strengthen the blood, stop bleeding and improve the quality of both vital fluids and sleep.

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