Zimbabwe: Progress Made in Chinhoyi Stadium Facelift


[The Herald] Chinhoyi Town Municipality have made enormous progress in upgrading Chinhoyi Stadium and they hope the facility will be ready for Premiership football when the 2020 season finally gets underway.

Somalia: Somalia Records Increasing Number of COVID-19 Cases


[Nation] Mogadishu -Somalia's confirmed cases of Covid-19 were on Thursday night hurtling towards 1,000 after 55 more people contracted the virus disease.

Coronavirus: WHO warns 190,000 could die in Africa in one year

BBC News Africa  

Covid-19 could linger for years and "smoulder in transmission hot spots", the WHO warns.

Sierra Leone: President Sacks Minister After Deadly Unrests


[Nation] Freetown -Sierra Leone's President Julius Maada Bio has sacked his Internal Affairs Minister, after two weeks of bloody unrests across the country.

Uganda’s musicians are fighting COVID-19 – why government should work with them

This Is Africa  

Uganda's COVID-19 task force would do well to embrace pop music in its public health communications.

Don't neglect other diseases - UNICEF warns


While the world is mesmerized by the new coronavirus, other infectious diseases continue to kill millions of people, including many children in developing countries. The United Nations children’s Fund (UNICEF), said in April that with the suspension of immunizations, 117 million children stand at risk of contracting measles. “Health systems are under such strain that in some places routine services have been suspended. Everything is devoted to the fight against Covid,” Robin Nandy, head of UNICEF’s immunization service, told AFP. “The states want to limit the contacts of health professionals with potential patients,” Nandy told AFP. Measles killed more than 140,000 people in 2018. Most of the victims were under the age of five. More than 2,500 children also die every day from pneumonia, a bacterial infection that can be treated with effective and inexpensive medicines. More than 800,000 deaths could be prevented each year, according to studies. In Nigeria, where pneumonia is the leading cause of child death, there are fears that Covid-19 is already preventing many children from accessing care. “We see many children coming in with respiratory problems. Both diagnosis and treatment are problematic for us,” says Sanjana Bhardwaj, Director of Health for UNICEF Nigeria. Even before the arrival of Covid-19, the Democratic Republic of Congo was already suffering from several epidemics. Measles has killed 6,000 people, mostly children, since the last epidemic began in 2019. Malaria is also a constant threat to infants, killing about 13,000 people each year. In April, the World Health Organization was preparing to announce the end of the Ebola epidemic in the country. However, it had to delay its announcement with the emergence of new cases. “There were already significant morbidities,” along with malnutrition, “which affects children badly,” says Alex Mutanganyi, who is in charge of the fight against Covid-19 in the DRC for the NGO Save the Children. “Covid has only increased the number of these threats.

Africa: Implications of the COVID-19 Crisis On the Accountability Agenda


[International Justice Monitor] The outbreak of Sars-Cov-2 has deeply impacted every aspect of life. The virus' lethality and its wider toll on human wellbeing (particularly as a result of economic hardship) are the most apparent impacts. Dire human suffering is taking place and will continue to endure. There have been multiple significant changes to how we live, and, in the future, many other dimensions of human life will be altered.

South Sudan: UN Security Council Should Renew South Sudan Arms Embargo


[HRW] The United Nations Security Council should prioritize the protection of civilians in South Sudan by renewing the arms embargo and strengthening the monitoring to better enforce it.

Swaziland: Responding To COVID-19 In A Country Already Fighting A Dual HIV/TB Epidemic


[MSF] eSwatini has the highest percentage of people living with HIV in the world. Almost one-thirds of adults are HIV-positive. The country is also severely affected by a tuberculosis (TB) epidemic and around 70 percent of all TB patients are co-infected with HIV. [1]

Emtee Finally Releases Long-Awaited single ‘Johustleburg’


Listen to Emtee's new single 'Johustleburg.'

Coronavirus: Africa's most impacted nations as cases hit 54,000


There are two African countries that have not recorded a case of coronavirus as of April 11. 52 countries have officially recorded cases. The death toll is past 1,000 whiles recoveries are also past 6,000. Cases have also passed the 26,000 mark. The only region with virus-free countries being southern Africa where Comoros and Lesotho have yet to confirm cases. Sao Tome and Principe in Central Africa officially recorded cases on April 6. Becoming the 52nd African country and the final in Central Africa. Major African stats as of April 23; 6:00 GMT: Confirmed cases = 25,940 Number of deaths = 1,240 Recoveries = 6,968 Infected countries = 52 Virus-free countries = 2 (Lesotho, Comoros) Most impacted nations per region (as of April 23): The basic records are referenced from the African Union’s Africa Center for Disease Control, Africa CDC and the John Hopkins hospital LIVE portal, we also prioritize tallies from trusted national sources. Southern Africa = South Africa; 3,635 cases, 65 deaths, 1,055 recoveries East Africa = Djibouti; 974 cases, 2 deaths, 183 recoveries West Africa = Ghana; 1,154 cases, 9 deaths, 120 recoveries Central Africa = Cameroon; 1,163 cases, 43 deaths, 397 recoveries North Africa = Egypt; 3,659 cases, 276 deaths, 935 recoveries Djibouti looks set to cross 1,000 mark after series of recent spikes Ghana crosses 1,000 mark to become West Africa’s most impacted as of April 19 South Africa retakes Africa’s most impacted from Egypt as of April 20 Egypyt overtakes South Africa as Africa’s most impacted with 2,673 against South Africa’s 2,605 as of April 17 Djibouti topples Mauritius as East Africa’s most impacted as of April 14 Ivory Coast topples Burkina Faso as West Africa’s most impacted as of April 14 As of April 10, Egypt retakes spot as North Africa’s most impacted As of April 2; Algeria toppled Egypt to become the most impacted North African country South Sudan confirmed index case on April 5, becoming 51st country to record an infection Sao Tome and Principe confirmed index cases on April 6, becoming 52nd country to record an infection The classifications are based on where the countries are located especially in the case of countries that belong to two different blocs. Experts are currently advocation mass testing as cases of local transmission grow in a number of countries. Most countries are enforcing lockdowns, curfews to combat spread and improve containment of confirmed cases. The virus-free duo are: 1. Lesotho 2. Comoros

Africa: How WHO is Re-imagining, Fixing Supply Chain Links During COVID-19


[WHO] Getting humanitarian supplies where they need to go is a game of precision and meticulous planning under normal circumstances.

Africa: New Research Points to Microsporidia As a Potential Malaria Control Tool


[Malaria Consortium] A team of scientists have published new research showing that the use of a specific microbe, Microsporidia, may be able to limit malaria parasite infection in one of the important vectors of the disease in Africa, Anopheles arabiensis.

Somalia: U.S. Military Operations Leave 132 Civilians Dead in 2019


[Dalsan Radio] US military operations in four countries in 2019 left 132 civilians dead, according to a report released Wednesday by the Pentagon.

Africa's 100+ coronavirus cases: Uganda, Benin, Chad among new entrants


The numbers of confirmed cases across the continent continues to grow with each passing day. The World Health Organization Africa regional head warns that a spike likely to result in the wake of improved and increased testing. Whiles the figures remain very low in a number of countries, quite a sizeable number has passed the 100 mark with only a handful in the 1000+ bracket – South Africa, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco,Cameroon, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Djibouti and Nigeria. South Africa one of Africa’s most impacted country has been praised by some analysts for their dedication to mass and intensive testing which an African Union Centers for Disease Control, CDC, official has asked that all countries need to scale up if the magnitude of infection is to be ascertained. This article looks at a regional breakdown of countries that have passed the 100 mark and above. The basic records are referenced from the Africa CDC and the John Hopkins hospital LIVE portal, we also prioritize tallies from trusted national sources. The new entrants between April 22 and May 2 were: Eswatini, Guinea-Bissau, Equatorial Guinea, Togo, Zambia and Sierra Leone. All figures valid as of May 2 at 07:00 GMT Major African stats: May 2 at 7:00 GMT: Confirmed cases = 40,575 Number of deaths = 1,692 Recoveries = 13,391 Infected countries = 53 Virus-free countries = 1 (Lesotho) North Africa Algeria – 4,154 Egypt – 5,895 Morocco – 4,569 Tunisia – 998 West Africa Burkina Faso – 649 Ghana – 2,074 Guinea – 1,537 Ivory Coast – 1,333 Mali – 508 Niger – 728 Nigeria- 2,170 Senegal – 1,024 Liberia – 152 Sierra Leone – 136 Togo – 123 Guinea-Bissau – 257 Central Africa Cameroon – 1,823 DR Congo – 604 Congo Republic – 229 Gabon – 276 Equatorial Guinea – 315 East Africa Djibouti – 1,097 Kenya – 411 Mauritius – 332 Rwanda – 249 Tanzania – 480 Somalia – 601 Ethiopia – 133 Sudan – 533 Southern Africa South Africa – 5,951 Madagascar – 132 Zambia – 109 Eswatini – 106 Virus-free = Lesotho SUGGESTED READING: rolling coverage of the coronavirus outbreak in Africa II

Zimbabwe: Harare Records First COVID-19 Recovery


[New Zimbabwe] Harare Thursday recorded its first COVID-19 recovery after four patients on treatment and isolation tested negative of the virus, bringing the national figure of recoveries to nine, the Health Ministry announced Friday morning.

West Africa: Ecowas Raises Concerns About Madagascar's Claim of COVId-19 Remedy


[New Dawn] The Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and its health institution - West Africa Health Organization or WAHO have dissociated from claims of endorsing use of the herbal tea, COVID-Organic from Madagascar.

Africa: COVID-19 Being Used to Diminish Democracy, Governance in Africa


[Observer] Watching almost every nation seal their borders, declaring total lockdown of their economies and governments to tame Covid-19, one is tempted to expect the worst.

Africa: COVID-19 Response Should Not Reverse Gains in Immunisation - WHO


[Daily News] THERE'S no question that immunisation is one of the greatest success stories in global health, and in Tanzania, saving millions of lives every year from vaccine-preventable diseases.

Nigeria: COVID-19 - Buhari Begs IMF, World Bank to Cancel Nigeria's Debts


[Daily Trust] President Muhammadu Buhari has urged international financial institutions to assist member states in cushioning the negative impact of the pandemic in the spirit of solidarity.

Nigeria: Govt Won't Release COVID-19 Patients to Herbal Practitioners - Minister


[Premium Times] The federal government has said no COVID-19 patient will be released to herbal practitioners to test the efficacy of their drugs.

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