South Africa: Animated Short Film 'Zog' Up for International Emmy


[Triggerfish] South Africa is having a good year at the International Emmys: first The River was nominated as best Telenovela and now Zog, animated in Cape Town by Triggerfish for the UK's Magic Light Pictures, is up for Best Kids' Animation.

South Africa: Animation Studio Scores International Emmy Nomination for Short Film


[allAfrica] Cape Town -Cape Town animation studio Triggerfish has added another feather to its cap in the form of an International Emmy Kids Awards nomination for "Zog", an animated short film for the UK's Magic Light Pictures.

Malawi: Villagers Torch Fishing Equipment in Mangochi Over Magic Suspicion


[Nyasa Times] Irate villagers went on rampage on Tuesday, torching fishing equipment and gear worth K9m belonging to a businessman in retaliation for a drowning of a person in Lake Malawi which they blame on magic.

Lupita Nyong'o Releases Debut Children's Book 'Sulwe,' an Ode to Dark-Skinned Kids


The actress says she wrote the book to help children learn to "love the skin they're in," pulling from her own childhood experiences with colorism.

10 African Fashion Designers to Watch


A new breed of young talent  are determined to push the boundaries even further. Here are just 10 of the many African fashion designers to watch out for.

Sadza, A Side Dish From Zimbabwe


Sadza is a traditional porridge originating from Zimbabwe. The name sadza means meal, and, in accordance, it can be served at any time of the day

Ahmad Benali: Libya captain wants stability on and off the pitch

BBC News Africa  

Libya captain Ahmad Benali hopes to see a period of calm for the national team but says the safety of people in his homeland is more important than qualifying for major tournaments.

The women putting Nigerian creativity on the world map

Design Indaba  

As the creativity season kicks off in Nigeria, we highlight the women behind making it happen from art to design.

Mozambique: Violent Election Night in Central, Northern Mozambique


[Mozambique Political Process Bulletin] The election night was marked by violence in the centre and north of the country. There was one death last night. A person was killed, shot and beaten by the police, and four people were shot in the lower limbs as police tried to disperse the crowd at Sao Vicente de Paulo Secondary School, Nacala-Porto, Nampula, at about 20h00.

Mozambique: Polling Stations Burned in Niassa


[Mozambique News Reports And Clippings] Six polling stations with 4605 registered voters were set ablaze by Renamo supporters who were furious over alleged fraud. The classrooms at Milagre Mabote primary school, Maniamba, Lago district, Niassa, where the 6 polling stations operated were made of traditional materials. As the photo shows, the classrooms and all voting materials, including ballot papers, were reduced to ashes.

Zimbabwe: Govt Lines Up Massive Festivities for Anti-Sanctions Day


[New Zimbabwe] Government has lined up massive festivities for this month's anti-sanctions campaign, a SADC initiative that will see some of the country's regional allies also stage similar activities in support of their troubled neighbour.

Nigeria: National Health Dialogue - 'Nine Reasons Nigeria May Not Achieve Universal Health Coverage By 2030'


[Premium Times] A former Executive Secretary of the NHIS, Nigeria's health insurance agency has listed nine impediments to the quest for achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in Africa's most populous nation.

Zimbabwe: U.S., EU Sanctions Invade the Bedroom, Says Preacher


[New Zimbabwe] The US and EU imposed sanctions have caught up with Zimbabweans making love as local hospitals continue to run short of family planning pills to stop unwanted pregnancies.

Zimbabwe: Journalists Slam Proposed Media Bill


[New Zimbabwe] Bulawayo residents and journalists on Tuesday took turns to slam some of the provisions on the proposed Zimbabwe Media Commission (ZMC) Bill which they described as both undemocratic and unconstitutional.

Zimbabwe: Farmers Starring Bleak Cropping Season Amid Soaring Fertiliser Prices


[New Zimbabwe] Most farmers this season may not be able to go back to the ploughing fields after agricultural input prices continue to sky rocket with a 50kg bag of fertiliser now costing more than $400, up from last planting season's $30.

Sierra Leone: Sierra Leone's 'Smart Country' Ambitions


[Deutsche Welle] Nanotechnology, blockchain, cloud computing: Sierra Leone's President Bio is banking on the most advanced technology to leapfrog the country out of poverty.

Mozambique: Campaign Shows That Political Tectonic Plates Are Shifting in Mozambique


[The Conversation Africa] Having ruled Mozambique since 1975, the country's governing party, Frelimo, feels backed into a corner. It behaves as though it must fight any challenge to its hegemony by whatever means necessary. This includes aggression and violence.

Zimbabwe: Local Filmmaker Shines At Iran Film Festival


[New Zimbabwe] Mutare filmmaker, Igi Matope's movie, Goodman has once again excelled at the just ended 12th International Moving Film Festival held in Middle East Iran.

Zimbabwe: Over 5.5 Million Zimbabweans Face Starvation By January 2020


[New Zimbabwe] The number of food insecure citizens in Zimbabwe is projected to rise to 5.5 million in January and March 2020, the highest number on record in the struggling country going through severe economic and political turmoil.

Rwanda: Has Paul Kagame Flown Too High?


[ISS] Rwanda's President Paul Kagame has been flying high for a while. His reputation - mainly international though he wields some continental clout - has been growing. Through skilful diplomacy, he has established himself in the eyes of the wider world at least, as an African leader to be reckoned with.

Malawi: Legumes for Strong Business and Nutrition


[Nyasa Times] A value chain analysis conducted in Malawi by International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) identified legumes to have strong business case with greatest potential for nutrition and gender benefits with best opportunity for innovation.

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