Africa’s Largest CX Event In Cape Town This August!


CEM Africa 2022 boasts its most exciting line-up of speakers ever.

South Africa: Women in Health - How Daphney Conco Dreamed of Wearing a Graduation Gown and Did It


[spotlight] "If I were to ask you, where one can get an abortion, would you know? Would you be able to point a person to a facility that provides abortion from the top of your head?" asks Dr Daphney Conco, a senior lecturer at the School of Public Health at the University of the Witwatersrand.

Independent observer group backs Kenya's presdidential poll results


The observation group by the name of ELOG said they had dispatched over 5,000 observers across 290 constituencies in 47 counties in the whole of Kenya.

3 Ways That SMEs Can Attract And Retain Gen Y And Gen Z Female Talent


Many companies underestimate the advantages of having a strong representation of women in the workplace and, as a result, miss out on attracting and retaining some of the best talent that South Africa has to offer.

AEC Congratulates H.E. Abdirizak Mohamed For His Appointment As Minister Of Petroleum & Mineral Resources Of Somalia


With his appointment as minister, H.E. Abdirizak Mohamed is set to usher in a new era of industry growth and development.

Climate Insurance Pilot Project Launched For Côte d’Ivoire Rice Farmers


Climate change impacts and solutions to enhancing the productivity of Africa’s agricultural value chains were in the spotlight during the recent launch of a project

Qatar's Lusail stadium attains sustainability goals


The 80,000-capacity venue boasts a number of sustainability features, including state-of-the-art roof and water efficiency systems.

Kenya: Drought-Hit Kenyan Herders Save Wildlife - and Their Livelihoods #AfricaClimateCrisis


[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Olchoro Oirowua Village -- As drought and farming shrink natural habitats, wild animals are raiding villages for food. By protecting land for wildlife, conservancies save crops and cattle, too

MAKEBA: Personifying The Alchemy Of The Black Woman


As the years have gone by, black women continue to have the most riveting stories to tell about their successes and setbacks within our modern society.

Gunfire or starvation: the stark choice facing the displaced in DR Congo


In the DRC, people displaced by the conflict with the M23 (March 23 Movement) are desperate for funds. The UNHCR says it needs US$225 million to support the millions of war-displaced in the DRC, of which it has only received 19%. This shortage has led UNHCR to cut some life-saving programmes

South Africa: Ten Years On, the Marikana Truth-Tellers Still Carry the Weight of What They Uncovered


[Daily Maverick] In the direct aftermath of the Marikana massacre, the narrative put out by police was that mine workers were shot by cops in danger acting out of self-defence. This might have stayed the official story of Marikana -- were it not for a brave team of researchers led by Kate Alexander and battle-hardened journalist Greg Marinovich.

South Africa: Families of Slain Marikana Mine Workers Reflect On Decade of 'Betrayal'


[Daily Maverick] As the country prepares to remember that horrific day 10 years ago, the victims' families tell Daily Maverick of their sense of betrayal and justice not served, giving their lingering grief an acute edge.

South Africa: We Must Fight to Ensure That Those Slain At Marikana On 16 August 2012 Did Not Die in Vain


[Daily Maverick] How will our own children remember the Marikana Massacre 10 years after the killing of 34 mineworkers by the police at Lonmin?

South Africa: Ten Years On - the Possibility of Holding Ramaphosa Personally Liable for the Marikana Tragedy


[Daily Maverick] While South Africa's labour laws are either celebrated or bemoaned as some of the most progressive in the world, even progressive collective bargaining law accepts unquestioningly the desirability of maintaining the basic structure of a liberal capitalist order.

Kenya election result: William Ruto victory hailed amid result dispute

BBC News Africa  

Foreign leaders congratulate the president-elect but backers of Raila Odinga question the result.

William Ruto: how Kenya’s new president took on powerful political dynasties

This Is Africa  

As an outlier in Kenya’s political power matrix, Ruto was elbowed out by the establishment. But he has somersaulted back by appealing directly to the masses.

South Africa: Survey Shows ANC Support Dwindling - South African News Briefs, August 16, 2022


[allAfrica] Cape Town -- Survey Says ANC Support Keeps Dwindling Since Dismal Local Govt Election Results in 2021

Liberia: U.S. Names Three top Government Officials for Corruption


[New Republic] Yesterday, August 15, 2022, the United States Department of Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) named three top government officials in the Weah-led government for corruption.

Angola: Elections 2022 - What About the Economy?


[Maka] Angola will hold a general election on August 24th to elect both the country's President and its parliament, the National Assembly. In all there are eight parties contesting the election, but no-one has any doubt that only one of them, the main opposition party UNITA, can seriously challenge the MPLA, which has ruled Angola since Independence from Portugal in November 1975. The ballot paper offers voters a choice out of all eight parties, in an order determined by lottery, and each party has a list of cand

Kenya: Lesbian Footballers Fight for the Right to Play


[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Kilifi, Kenya -- LGBTQ+ stars like Megan Rapinoe are lighting up women's football. But in Kenya, lesbian players face stigma and threats.

Liberia: Should Taylor Come or Stay?


[New Republic] Across the road in the above image is a building that used to be very white during the days of jailed former Liberian President, Charles Ghankay Taylor and that building was called White Flower.

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