Zimbabwe: MSF Moves in to Mitigate Dire Lack of Clean Water in Zimbabwe's Capital


[allAfrica] Harare -- Water supplies are under increasing strain all around the world. As populations grow and cities expand, fresh water sources are depleted or contaminated. This is the case in Zimbabwe's capital, Harare, where the availability of clean water has steadily decreased over the years and this long unresolved water crisis is a ticking time bomb of magnified health risks for residents.

Sierra Leone: Gender-Based Violence a High Priority, but Citizens Say It Is a Private Matter


[Afrobarometer] Almost half of citizens consider it likely that a survivor will be criticised or shamed if she reports to the authorities.

Uganda: 11 Children Killed in Fire At Ugandan School for Blind


[VOA] Kampala -- Police in Uganda are investigating the cause of a fire at a boarding school for visually impaired students that killed 11 girls, ages four to 13.

Africa: Africa Tourism Leaders Seek to Revive Sector After Covid-19


[VOA] Gaborone -- Africa's leading tourism operators are meeting in Botswana for talks on reviving the industry after the damage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Intra-African travel is at the top of the agenda at the three-day meeting, which has attracted more than 450 delegates from 43 countries.

Mozambique: 'Everyone Said I Couldn't Be a Mechanic, but I Can Be Whatever I Want'


[Africa Renewal] - deconstructing gender roles in Mozambique

Zimbabwe: Govt Political Reforms A Consolidation of Authoritarian Rule - Report


[263Chat] In a report titled Civic Society Contestation Ahead of 2023, the Institute said the reforms have been introduced through amendments of the Constitution to narrow participation of political opponents.

Southern Africa: SADC Dismisses Targeted Sanctions Claim


[The Herald] SADC chairperson and President of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Felix Tshisekedi, has reiterated calls for the removal of illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by some Western countries saying they push a negative perception about the country and cut it off from global financial markets.

Liberia: 'Truth Telling' and the Path to War Crimes Justice in Liberia


[The New Humanitarian] Sanoyea, Liberia -- 'The war is over. The man has apologised, and I have forgiven him.'

Zimbabwe: Investment Agency Courts Investors for Medicinal Cannabis - Says 57 Operating Licences Issued So Far


[New Zimbabwe] The Zimbabwe Investment Development Agency (ZIDA) has called upon investors to inject funds in medicinal cannabis for the sector's growth and sustainability.

Zimbabwe: Record breaking wheat harvest expected this year


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Zimbabwe: Political Environment Not Conducive For Free And Fair Elections - Pressure Group


[263Chat] The ERC statement comes on the back of incidences of intimidation and violence in the just ended by-elections held in Insiza and Matobo.

South Africa: Crime, Covid and Climate Change - South African Tourism Faces Many Threats, but It's Resilient


[The Conversation Africa] South Africa's tourism industry has been rocked by the murder of a German visitor during an attempted robbery. The development resulted in negative media publicity, with a potentially adverse impact on the country's image as a safe tourist destination. This comes at a time when the sector is recovering from the devastating effects of the COVID pandemic. The Conversation Africa's political editor Thabo Leshilo asked Kaitano Dube, an expert in ecotourism, about tourism's place in South Africa's economy.

South Africa: Covid Is a 'Smart Virus' That Can Affect DNA - but That Doesn't Mean You Can Pass It On to Your Kids


[The Conversation Africa] The emergence of SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID) has changed the world as we know it. Although new vaccines and antiviral treatments have brought hope, the pesky virus has continued to mutate and evade us.

Kenya: Kenya's Big Railway Project Makes Life Even Harder for the Poor By Ignoring Their Reality


[The Conversation Africa] People's responses to large infrastructure projects - railways, bridges, highways - are rarely neutral. To some, these projects represent powerful social and political promises of transformative change and a brighter future. To others, they mean evictions and the disruption of livelihoods.

South Africa: Finance Minister to Table Much-Awaited Medium Term Budget


[SAnews.gov.za] Economists have called for today's Medium-Term Budget Policy Statement (MTBPS) to focus on strengthening the country's debt containment efforts.

Pathways Into The Economy For Africa’s Youth


Nozuko Mzamo, Social Investment Specialist at Tshikululu Social Investments unpacks how investing in the employability of young people remains a powerful lever for creating pathways into the economy and should be viewed as critical to ESG agendas.

South Africa: Balancing Act for Finance Minister In Medium Budget Today - South African News Briefs - October 26, 2022


[allAfrica] Cape Town --  

South Africa: Ethiopia-Tigray Peace Talks Underway in South Africa


[VOA] Johannesburg -- South Africa's presidential spokesman said Tuesday that the first round of peace talks on Ethiopia's Tigray region have begun. Few other details have been released, and so far there has been no media access to the venue, at an unknown location in South Africa.

COP27: What is the Egypt climate conference and why is it important?

BBC News Africa  

This year's climate summit comes amid spiralling energy costs and diplomatic tensions.

Zimbabwe: Bulawayo Residents Boycott Anti-Sanctions Campaign


[New Zimbabwe] The anti-sanctions provincial campaign scheduled for Bulawayo Tuesday attracted a paltry crowd with ordinary citizens and opposition parties boycotting the event.

Former Niger leader slams international community for neglecting Sahel insurgency


The former leader further said he held the international community responsible for the situation in the Sahel following their military intervention in Libya.

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