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Being a resident of a foreign country opens up a person's mind to new realities like very few other experiences can. As a stranger in a strange land, one is forced to come to terms with how indifferent the cosmos is to one's identity and that if one is to survive let alone thrive, a process of assimilation has to occur. As a result, one has to find a new identity that allows one to live at least marginally in one's new home. 
At this charity event, through panel discussion and interactive exhibition, we explore what this identity looks like for Africans living in the U.S.  through the eyes of both Africans and Americans. More specifically, we will be discussing the following:

A dive into the African experience abroad. 
How stereotypes and consequently self- stereotypes are limiting.
Becoming a caricature of yourself to adopt to a new environment.
Slurs/misconceptions and their effects on one’s self-concept..
The triple consciousness in the case of African D i a s p o r a (building on Du Bois & double consciousness).

All proceeds will go to Ghana Make a Difference, an organization that provides shelter for Ghanaian children who have been rescued from forced labor trafficking, abandonment, or who have special needs until they are able to be reintegrated with their biological family or placed in a new one. 
We have an ambitious goal of raising $2500 USD for Ghana Make a Difference through the event and really appreciate your partnership in the initiative! 
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"Life Living Life" marks an assembly of photograph depicting the rich diversity of human culture and natural environments in Africa, Asia, the Americas, and beyond. Emphasizing the heterogeneity and beauty scattered the world over, the Sloyers search for a common human spark: curiosity, empathy and exchange. These compelling works explore the meaning of human life, weaving together the narratives that form the fabric of existence. These works reveal the artists’ dedication to improving the lives of our brothers and sisters in Ghana while creating a pathway to discover the beauty in the minute and the mundane.
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