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Shiri Achu 10th Anniversary Art Exhibition - The 40th Act.
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International award-winning artist, Shiri Achu to exhibit her 10th Anniversary exhibition, The 40th Act!
Born in Cameroon, West Africa, Shiri Achu and her family immigrated to London when she was a child where she found her passion for art and started painting at a tender age of 9 years old. Today she actively paints and exhibits around the world and has studios in Cameroon, the UK and in the USA. Her preferred mediums are acrylics and mixed media.
One of the aims of Shiri Achu Art is to showcase and promote Cameroon and African culture worldwide. Shiri finds beauty in the woman carrying her child on her back and going her way. She finds beauty in the old lady who makes her ‘achu’ in her dark, smoky outdoor kitchen for her grandchildren. She finds beauty in African fabrics. Shiri’s paintings reflect the beautiful simplicity of Africa and she offers this to the world to promote, enlighten and increase understanding of the culture and the people.
Ten years ago, Shiri’s first solo exhibition, The 30th Act, held at St Augustine's tower in Hackney, London, was a grand success. She has since been invited to exhibit, and to speak at various places, events and cities around the world. Some of these include, The Commonwealth Secretariat, The Houses of Parliament, The Olympic African Village in London, art seminars and networking speaking events in Washington DC and Delaware. Travels with her art have included Chiang Mai, Lisbon, Toronto, Barcelona, Douala, Adelaide, Kingston and Toronto to name but a few.
Many prominent public figures own Shiri Achu's art and her awards include “Best Artist in Brent”, by The Brent Council, London, UK. Shiri was nominated as “TOP 10 Artist at Artomatic” 2016. The USA Art critic, Lennox Campello said of Shiri’s work: “Powerful African Art in a marriage of contemporary skills with strong African imagery”. Shiri also received an award as a distinguished fellow of African Art and Culture (FAAC).
Ten years after her first solo exhibition, earlier this year in August, Shiri Achu was thrilled to return to London and exhibit once more, where it all began, with her 10th anniversary exhibition, The 40th Act - London. Full circle.
Today, she is very excited to bring The 40th Act to Washington DC.
This 10th Anniversary Exhibition will largely consist of 30 framed and signed Limited Edition Shiri Achu Art Prints, and 10 original pieces!!  Attendees will be able to purchase these limited edition signed prints and some of the Original pieces at affordable prices. 

3 days schedule of events:
- Friday 8th Nov: 6pm-9.30pm – Private view - RSVP ONLY
- Saturday 9th Nov: 10am - 8pm  -  OPEN TO THE PUBLIC
10am:  Welcome and Breakfast
12pm: Speeches/Presentations
2pm: Naomi Achu performance
5pm: 1-hour Exhibition tour led by Shiri Achu
6pm: African dancing
- Sunday 10th Nov: 10am - 6pm - OPEN TO THE PUBLIC
10am:  Welcome and Breakfast
12pm: Speeches/Presentations
2pm: 1hr Exhibition tour led by Shiri Achu

Shiri Achu is looking forward to welcoming you at – The 40th Act!

For more information,
Email: The40thAct@yahoo.com / info@shiriachuart.comFB/Instagram/Twitter: SHIRI ACHU ART