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Rhythms, Harmonies & Light
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Immerse your senses in the vibrant tones of the zither harp and African cuisine in a Sunday evening Celebration of Quantum Rhythms, Harmonies & Light! This cultural and conscious fundraiser will benefit three developing communities in Ghana and Togo through your donations toward education and clean water projects. 
Featuring a special performance and music therapy experience by Nana Nazeeha Howard - singer, harpist, pianist and healer – the evening will unite light-seekers, educators, artist, art-lovers, international development professionals, members of the African and African-American communities ... and more.
All are welcome to this unifying, healing and FREE catered fundraising event. RSVP to secure your entry and dinner!
Parking is free on Sundays at the Town Square Public Garage (#61) located at 801 Ellsworth Drive, right across the street from the Civic Building.
The Civic Building is located in the heart of downtown Silver Spring, Maryland. The building is within walking distance from the Silver Spring Metro Station on the Red Line (approx. 10 minutes). 
For more information or to become a partner/sponsor, call (571) 446-0013. Learn more by following us on Facebook and Instagram and viewing our fundraising campaign on GoFundMe. (Please consider a monetary gift to support our humanitarian projects.)