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African Women In Leadership - Leading In The Digital Age, London, 2020 - POSTPONED
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Thank you for your interest.  Due to the coronavirus and restrictions on travel and gatherings, this event is POSTPONED until further notice.  We look forward to bringing you events in the future.  Also look out for our online programmes at www.thelearningnuggets.com.  
The world today is driven by digital technology and we are all affected, whether we are in a digital business, sell in the market or providing services for customers in the NGO, oil and gas and government sectors.  The question is, are you comfortable with what is required of you as a entrepreneur or manager operating in the digital space?
Digital technology touches us all.  We must therefore understand it, learn how to manage it and learn how to manage the people we expect to operate it on our behalf.
(a) Presenting: World-leading and continent-focused experts on issues affecting emerging businesses, established and those targeting Africa.
(b) A discussion and action forum for 21C leadership in Africa. Existing and aspiring entreprenuers, management and leadership in Africa seeking to gain knowledge and insights into the importance and relevance of technology for their organisation; whether they are tech-based or not.
(c) Essential Skills and Competencies ( discussions and workshops)For the Digital Age
(c) Ubiquity of digital tecnology and transformational effects from "Have Not To Core"
- Leaders of today must understand the impact on their business, value chains, customers and personal productivity, to enable them to ask the right questions.
(e) Current examples (case studeis and workshops) on how digital technology is being applied in organisations for:
Agriculture and Agrobusiness
Social Enterprise
Business transformation
Finance for the SME, Micro & Large Corporate
(f) Partner initiatives and examples of international organisations seeking partnerships with local companies for reach [meetups]
(g)  Promoting African Women In Leadership and go to market opportunities & projects - international and local companies [collaborative forums].
(h) Diaspora businesses connecting for African Women In Leadership
(i) Corporate CSR and Social Enterprise initiatives
(j) Action Labs/Clinics/Mentoring  [workshops]

Key Questions:
Q; How is digital technology perceived in your organisation and by your customers?
Q: What is your strategy for adopting digital technologies ?
Q: What training and education are you currently providing for your Africa-focused teams.
Q: What female leadership programmes are you (1) currently running, (2) intend to run?, )3) Seeking partnerships for?
Q: Do you see room for improvement?
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