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Miss Awoulaba North America
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You are cordially invited to attend the coronation ceremony of Miss Awoulaba North America 2019, first edition presented by Sublime Event."Awoulaba" mean Queen Of Beauty in Baoule dialete in Ivory Coast. Awoulaba is for Curvy women. Please come out, join us for a nigth of culture,empowerment,elegance,beauty and class as we honor and recognize these gorgeous women's. Enjoy African food, music, live singer,dance and art. Nollywood movie star Loveth Fbede will be in the house " Queen Of Beauty" Loveth Fbede will do the coronation. This is an open platform for any curvy women's-girls. to accept and embrace their body the way the Lord made them so special,build self-confidence on everything they wanted to achieve and stop bullying in the society. They winner, Ambassador will be the voice of orther women, she will visite and participe an African country or Europe,Canada...build self esteem, confidence in orther women's and specially young african girls to accept their body.
we are calling Sponosors, any one can bring their support. More information call any number on the ticket or flyer. come out,share with your friend and family be part of this movement.