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My experience with {Pastor Of Comedy} MCOJB
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Akinlolu Jekins & Co Ltd presents My testimony featuring Helen Paul , Seyilaw , Mc Smart, Woli Arole , Asiri Comedian and lots more
An award winning international stand up comedian, event host, Master of ceremony, actor, an entertainer and mentor. Mc OJB is a house hold name, and humor merchant. He began his comical career in university, where he got his name Pastor Of Comedy and has since graced stages with international comedians like Julius Agwu, Senator, Alibaba, Gordons D Berlusconi, AY (Ayo Makun), Comedian Accapella, Bovi to mention a few.
He kicks off his debut comedy series around the UK in London and would be a night to remember, He's one to watch out for and have surprise guest comedians joining him on 13th October 2019.