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DC Afrobeats Block Party - Jollof Cook-off | Artist & Dance Performances | Popup Shop| Food Vendors | Art | Day Party
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The summer is about to be really lit!!!  We taking Afrobeats to the streets of the nations capital. Get ready for a total Afrobeats takeover at this festive Afrobeats outdoor party

Anticipated to be one of the biggest events of the summer in the DMV this event will include: 

Which country has the best Jollof? Is it Ghana? Nigeria? Senegal? Sierra Leone? Gambia? Liberia? etc. The jollof rivalry between these West African countries is no secret and if you have a West African friend chances are you have had a jollof treat dished up with a hefty serving of smack talk. But is this never-ending culinary fistcuff over taste or is it shear display of patroitism and national pride? Lets determine once and for all, which country has the best Jollof at the DC Afrobeats Block Party 

Get ready for a festive vibe and a cultural shock experience on the streets of DC where our DJs, live acts , food and retail vendors will put the vibrancy and diversity of African cultures on full display

Last year's event was a big sucess and sold out event. Don't wait. Get your tickets now. Its going down outdoors in the large patio of Karma DC on Saturday August 17th featuring an incredible lineup of star DJs. 

Age Limit: 21 and over 

This event is brought to you by Afropolitan Cities & Club Africa