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Of the Indigenous Art Show
Emigsville   -   Get Address
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Of the Indigenous, the systems and wide world corporations feed off of the ingenious of the Indigenous, our medicine, our magic, our music, our art, our science, our land, our ancestors, our power, is of the Indigenous. From the Aztecs and Mayans of Mexico, Siddis of India, Aboriginal of Australia, Surma of Ethiopia, Palestinians of Middle East, Kromantche of Ghana, Krobo and Igbo of Nigeria, Ndebele of South Africa, Cherokee and Black foots of East coast America, Kemetic and Dogon peoples of Kemet, las Zapatistas and more! We are children of the indigenous. Come and join me in observing the art that I was inspired to make from observing indigenous cultures.
Open Mic Night
Performance by @Amorous Ebony 
Vegan food and refreshments for sale
Tickets $10
Vendors needed: $40/ 12 slots open; 3 tables available if you need one

Dress code:  Upscale Casual or imaginative, Waistbeads bearing, Tribal, African indigenous, body paint, grass skirts, Wakanda attire